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The TalkTalk homepage has the best TalkTalk deals that they are currently offering, including all the perks you can take advantage of by signing up to one of their packages!

If you are already a TalkTalk customer, you can log in to access even more great TalkTalk offers!

Why choose TalkTalk ?

TalkTalk is by far the best value service on the market for Internet, TV and telephone services. Your security is their priority with features such as CallSafe, HomeSafe and SuperSafe which protect you against any dangers.

TalkTalk guarantee you no mid-contract broadband price rises and unlimited broadband. Don't worry about the bandwidth and surf stress free! Keep a safe Internet environment for your children with their easy to use security and parental controls.

TalkTalk give you the option of adding monthly extras with no long term commitment. Boost your TV, broadband and homephone with handy extras such as premium TV channels, landline calls, international calls and much more!

Try out their Fibre Internet service for super fast Internet with no downtime. Their Fibre service comes with a Great Connection Guarantee, which allows you to leave any time you want within the first 30 days after purchase!

Their Fibre Internet, broadband, TV and telephone services are so good, they won the uSwitch award for best broadband! An award voted for by the public!

Download the TalkTalk TV App now which lets you watch your favourite TV shows and films while you're away from home! How convenient is that?! Use your tablet, laptop or mobile device.

The My TalkTalk app makes your life so much easier - it lets you keep real time track of your bills, usage and also lets you message their team whenever you need to!

Need assistance? Chat to one of their live advisors or give them a call. They are ready to help 24/7!

Their website also provides helpful videos which give you instructions on how to set up the Wi-Fi, plus set up multiple TVs, amongst other useful tips.

Products and Services of TalkTalk

TalkTalk offer the latest in technology when it comes to Internet services. You have the choice of the regular and reliable broadband service or you can opt for the Fibre Broadband. The Fibre Broadband lets you surf the net at speeds never reached before! Perfect for both recreational and business use! Connect wirelessly using one of their routers, or directly with an ethernet cable.

Does your business use a lot of traffic? TalkTalk Business have several networking solutions for you, all with highly secure, private networks that come with Internet that is much faster than the usual. Create your company's own Private or Hybrid network as well as its own Data Centre for a secure way to host your data!

Check out their numerous deals for television which provide more than 80 free channels: 70 TV, 15 HD channels and more than 30 radio stations. The TV Box gives you access to all these channels as well as the ability to pause and rewind. Get the TV Plus Box for the ability to record up to 180 hours of television! The TV Plus Box also comes with six extra Sky entertainment channels.

Missing your favourite show? Use the TalkTalk TV Planner to set recordings while on the go. Download it now on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Keep an eye out for TalkTalk deals on mobile phone plans. TalkTalk offer you the best deals for your mobile phone. Choose from many offers which include large amounts of 4G data as well as unlimited texts and calls. Making calls for business or in your private life? It doesn't matter, TalkTalk has solutions for both!

Go to their website to find various TalkTalk offers now. They have all kinds of plans and contracts designed to help you save money on your Internet, TV and telephone services!

Who shops here?

TalkTalk have something for everyone. Whether you want to watch sports television with Sky Sports or if your kids want to watch the latest in cartoon entertainment with channels such as the Disney Channel. Never miss your favourite day time TV shows, the news or films with TalkTalk.

Their super fast broadband services can be used for any purpose at home; to watch videos, do online shopping or just to talk with your friends!

Their reliable service is also perfect for business users! Conduct meetings on skype, send emails and download large files quickly. Check out the TalkTalk offers to see what bargains you can find with them now! It doesn't matter if you run a small, mid-sized or large business, TalkTalk will take care of you!

About TalkTalk

TalkTalk are the UK's leading telecommunications company, providing reliable television, Internet access and mobile network services, all for a low fixed price and no hidden charges.

Founded in 2003 in Leeds, TalkTalk were originally a telephone services company. Now they are the UK's leading broadband service and provide super fast and reliable Internet as well as affordable cable TV and mobile phone services.

Find something for the entire family with TalkTalk television plans. Get access to all your favourites, whether it's Netflix, ITV, BBC or Now TV, all in one place with a TalkTalk TV Box!


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£4.95 for blockbuster rentals

Rent and download the latest blockbusters online for as little as £4.95. Another one of TalkTalk's great deals.
no expiry
413 Activation

£6/month for additional flexible TV boost

For no more than £6 per month you can easily add a flexible TV boost to your TalkTalk package.
always active
192 Activation

Ony £18/month for business broadband

For just £18 per month you can get fast and reliable broadband for your business, with TalkTalk.
always active
160 Activation

Fast Broadband for £19.95pm

Get the UK's lowest fixed price Broadband for £19.95 per month at TalkTalk.
without expiry date
48 Activation

Less than £25/month for the Complete Business Broadband package

Enjoy TalkTalk's Complete Business Broadband and Phone for just £24.50 a month, and pick up Fibre for a mere £7.50
without expiry date
24 Activation

£25/month for Faster Fibre with Speed Boost

Take advantage of Faster Fibre with Speed Boost at TalkTalk, with this Black Friday discount of just £25 per month.
no expiry
50 Activation

Secure your calls for free with Callsafe

Receive incoming calls in confidence that they are secure with TalkTalk's free Callsafe service.
no expiry
218 Activation

Free set-up

Make the most of no set-up fees with TalkTalk - available on all plans.
without expiry date
148 Activation
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